MJ series

Jumper wire for surface mounting

800x514 mj

  • 0.5mm height from the PCB.
  • Rated current : 7A.

■Part number

Part number Package
MJ-0.1 Bulk (1000pcs/pack)
MJ-0.1-T Reel (2000pcs/reel)
MJ-0.2 Bulk (1000pcs/pack)
MJ-0.2-T Reel (2000pcs/reel)
MJ-0.3 Bulk (1000pcs/pack)
MJ-0.3-T Reel (2000pcs/reel)
MJ-0.4 Bulk (1000pcs/pack)
MJ-0.4-T Reel (2000pcs/reel)
Part number Package
MJ-0.5 Bulk (1000pcs/pack)
MJ-0.5-T Reel (2000pcs/reel)
MJ-0.6 Bulk (1000pcs/pack)
MJ-0.6-T Reel (2000pcs/reel)
MJ-0.7 Bulk (1000pcs/pack)
MJ-0.7-T Reel (2000pcs/reel)
MJ-0.8 Bulk (1000pcs/pack)
MJ-0.8-T Reel (2000pcs/reel)


For details, please refer to the PDF file.