LL SeriesLED spacer with space for labeling
LS SeriesLabel seal
LM SeriesFor Bi-lead and Tri-lead LED
LK SeriesFor Bi-lead LED
LN SeriesFor Bi-color LED
LA SeriesFor pararell mounting of LED
LT-6For angles of 45 degrees mounting of LED
LR SeriesFor perpendicular or pararell mounting
of Bi-lead and Tri-lead LED
LW-1Double-deck type
For mounting 2 LEDs
LWR-1Double-deck type
For mounting 2 LEDs
LG, LH SeriesRectangular type
For Bi-lead and Tri-lead LED
LZ Series 90LED Spacer
3LZ Series 90LED Spacer for 3 terminals
LT-6-30 30Spacer for 2terminals type LED
3LT-6 45Spacer for Bi-Color,3terminals type LED
3LT-6-30 30Spacer for Bi-Color,3terminals type LED
3LW-1 Double LED Spacer for Bi-Color,3terminals type LED
LWT Series Triple LED Spacer for 2terminals type LED